What is SECLOB ?

Seclob is an online application consists of WEB, ANDROID and IOS platforms which connects channel partners and customers and performs the function of an agent. Channel Partners are the Registered servicers in an area to meet the customer requirements. We have 1000 of Channel partners who are waiting for your calls in different places. Find your partner near to you. We will help you to connect a good professional without compromising quality. You can reach us any time anywhere!


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In this modern era people doesn’t have time for anything. On this ground SECLOB brings the best of experts in Appliances repairs, Home services, Repair and maintenance and other professional local service experts, right to your home or where you want us to at your doorstep. The application helps the customers to find the servicer for repairing and servicing their home appliances, electronics, vehicles etc.. at their finger point. So you don’t have to go to a shop to repair your complained items. The customers can register their service through Mobile application or through website and then the Servicer will contact the customer in an hour. With a large service provider base, on-time services, flexible pricing, and service guarantee, SECLOB ensures that you get the best of services. You also have the option to pay by Cash on delivery or by online payments. Our services include, • Home Appliances Repairs – Repair all kind of home appliances such as A.C , cooler , Fridge , Washing machine , T.V , Gas stove ,Oven , Water heater , Iron box ,Fan , Mixy ,Vacuum cleaner ,Induction cooker ,Coffee maker ,DTH ,Grinder you can get our services anytime anywhere. • Electronics Repair – Electronics service covers Laptop, Computer, Mobiles , Macbook ,Iphone , Tab , Inverter , Solar , Epabx& Intercom , cash counting machine , Printer , Photocopier , Networking , Electric motor , Security systems , Biometric , Data recovery , Projector and CCTV . Our servicer undertakes both Installation and other services. • Vehicle services – Two wheeler services and repair , Car , Auto service ,Jeep service , Pickup service ,Goods carrier servicing and so on. If your vehicle is complained and you need the help of a servicer, we will find the servicer near to you and sent to you soon. • Business Services – Business services covers the area of Insurance service , GST Registration , Trademark , CA service , Lawyer and Accounting service. • Technology service - Mobile applications , Web applications , Billing software , Domain hosting , SEO ,Web designs , FB promotions , Digital marketing and Logo designing comes under technology services. • Home maintenance - Plumber , Electrician, Pest control, Painter , Pest control and Carpenters are now with us you can get them any time without loosing time. • Day to day services - Coconut climber , Driver , House maid , Home cleaning and Home nurse are included in Day to Day services. • Beauty services – Hair cut , Hair straitening , Mehndi, Bridal makeup , Hair coloring etc . • Laundry service – Wash and fold , Shoe laundry ,Steam iron , Wash and iron , Dry cleaning , Carpet wash and curtain wash to keep you and your home neat and clean. • Health care services - Now Blood test , Sugar test , Pressure test and Cholesterol tests are too easy with our partners. • Event & Parties – We have best partners for Event management , Wedding management , Wedding cards , Photo-shoot , Mehndi , Video shoot , Security , Food and catering , Premium cars , Honeymoon and stage decorations. • Tours and Travels – Air tickets ,Train tickets , Bus tickets, Tourist visa , Tour package, Umrah Booking , Emigration and Hotel booking are included in tours and travels. • Call taxi service • Buying and selling – Buying and selling is an option to get or sale already bought and used furnitures , e- waste , vehicle , computer and others.


SECLOB also provides a platform for local search for different services over phone and online anytime . You can get Phone numbers, addresses, location and learn best deals. We believe in making your search experience a great one.


SECLOB provides an opportunity to the customers to buy a product online through participating in a bid. This is a service in which auction users or participants sell or bid for products or services via the Internet. Virtual auctions facilitate online activities between buyers and sellers in different locations or geographical areas. The system is designed to allow users to set up their products for auctions and bidders to register and bid for various products available for bidding. Auction consists of the following parts: • Bidder Login: Here the buyer or the product bidder can see a list of products up for bidding.Actually this is the customer login were the customers can request for quotation and the Quotations are listed here and the validity of it is 15 days. • Seller Login: This is the seller module where the seller posts a product up for auctions.Here the seller can see the requests of customers for details and quotation.


Whenever you need to move or need to help a friend move we are here with 24/7 Car Rental Services Delivered to your Doorstep.We provide support to people who need to rent a vehicle for a short period of time.We primarily serve people who require a temporary vehicle, for example, those who do not own their own car, travelers who are out of town.An important benefit is a simplified formal procedure both in terms of application and carrying out the terms of the contract.Choose from wide range of cars like Volkswagen , Toyota ,Suzuki ,Porsche, Benz, Jeep ,Jaguar , Hyundai, Honda , Ford etc… Rent on Hourly,Daily,Weekly or Monthly basis.