What is SECLOB ?

Seclob is a multi-super application to make our lives more fulfilling to solve our day to day needs with a click.Seclob enables users to find service professionals and also engaged in various other useful and beneficial service activities through this single application. Seclob offers its services across various platforms such as WEB,ANDROID and IOS applications. We focus on expert services clustered around our social and individual aspects of life.Seclob is there for you anywhere you need us.


Seclob welcomes the customers with various types of services that actually connected to their daily life.seclob brings you the experts with experiences in their particular occupational area.seclob realizes the need of people and give them what they are looking for.we provide them with around 180 kinds of services under various categories ,so they can sort out what they want with less effort.The customer s can register to the service they needed through the seclob app or the website.The process is very simple and everyone can easily master the idea.when the registration process is complete the particular service provider will contact the customer in no time. Seclob will make sure that whether the customer is satisfied with the service. With a large service provider base ,on time service,flexible pricing and service guarantee Seclob ensures that the customer is getting the best services.If by any chance Seclob doesn’t provide the particular service that you are looking for ,we are truly sorry and you can contact us in our number and we will try to update the application with that service next time.


Seclob also provides a platform for local search/enquiry for different services over fones and online anytime.You can get fone number,addresses,location and learn best deals.The customer can log in to the seclob application and make enquiries about any products they want to know about through our registered and reliable channel partners.seclob only presents you with the maximum resource shops or and expert who ca fill the gaps of your querries.Our enquiry platform works on the basis of a whole district;which means if you want to enquire about an AC,you will get he entire shops in the district related to AC.


Seclob provides a great opportunity to the customers to buy products through participating in a bid at the same time this option is creating a virtual platform to the shop owners to set up an auction.Seclob provides this opportunity to only three categories of items in our daily life.they are Electronics,Homeappliances and vehicles.virtual auctions facilitate online activities between buyers and sellers in different locations or geographical areas.By making this option seclob helps the customers to buy products with affordable price without wasting their time or effort by going local stores and ask the details around.Seclob also protects the prices of the items listed by the store owners,only the buyer is able to see the prices posted by the owners.

Rent A Car

This name itself explains what is the purpose of this platform.But seclob will bring the vehicles to you to choose or to rent and we provide it with a very simplified form but more reliable.we are here with this service 24/7.This mainly favours the people who are out of town or abroad and people who need temporary travelling arrangements.our site displayes 3 and more images of each vehicles that are available for rent and you can choose conveniently. The customer can easily contact the Rent a car owners in their area and book the vehicle.

Vehicle Services

In our modern world it is impossible to find a person who doesnot own a two wheeler or a four wheeler or any other type of vehicles.So in this scenario ,seclob is here to help you with your vehicle repairing or any other related services by providing with all the details of the vehicle service and repairing shops in your nearest reach.so that you don’t have to worry about finding a mechanic or a repair store near if unfortunately your vehicle shows any working issues.You can find your life saver in any area where your wheels got tired and enjoy the trip within minutes through seclob.

Seclob News

Seclob news bring you news from anywhere in the world with a single click.you can not only read the news but also can report local newses ,you can become a local news journalist in a sense.the newses will be published after our detailed examination.

Doctor Booking

“Using seclob will keep you healthy” in a simple sentence this is the meaning.You will never have to worry about your health issues or about the health of your family from anywhere .seclob provides the clients with details of various health professionals in various clinics,hospitals which they can easily access and choose what category of physician or health practitioners they want to consult and find their consultation time then book the appointment.The booking service is available 24/7.It is a one-stop shop for all your medical needs.

Lawyer Booking

What would you do if you had a trouble with the law?or what if you need to make an enquiry about a case of your’s or your family members or friends?Law is a dynamic matter and it is quite common that we do not know about all the laws around us.in this common case scenario seclob gives you the opportunity to clear all your doubts regarding the law by letting you interact with a qualified lawyer.you can choose the option Lawyer Booking in the seclob app or website and you can select what category of lawyer you are looking for such as criminal,civil or marital related.In the next ste you can book the appointment with the desired law expert.

Seclob store

Seclob store provides an online medium to your business ,you can now do your business online at the lowest possible cost,with more benefits.In this platform seclob presents a golden opportunity to stores like Grocery,Electronics,Cloth materials.The local stores can now present their products through this online medium and give the customers to buy their products online through seclob with quality price and joyious delivery experience.
This will allow the shop owners to sell their products to all over the world through online and also helps them to make additional profits.

Recharge and Bill pay

Seclob is a system where you can easily and most reliably perform online recharge /billing.Seclob recharge provides you easy recharge facility from anywhere in the world,you can pay the bills with a simple click from wherever you are through your bank account or UPI.Seclob greets the customers with exciting offers and cashback and other rewards.Everytime you make a recharge or billing you will get cash back offers which will credited to your wallet you, you can access the cash any time you want.

Seclob Eats

Seclob greets you with all the possible food items and local dishes around your area.We provide you with numerous options of food items which confuse you what to choose.Our aim is to combine all the food stores and let them introduce you with all the delicious dishes that you want to taste at anytime.Seclob helps you to gratify the need of your tongue and stomach with just a Click.

Seclob Jobs

Our seclob job platform regularly and clearly evaluates the needs of its users and works towards leveraging technology to build solutions that optimize job search and recruitment.Employers get the advantage of a diverse database of resume from industries like Construction,Banking,oil and gas,IT software and hardware,Hospitality,Health care,Education,Telecom,Petrochemicals,Logistics and so on.Job portal is intented to ease safe migration and to help the job seekers to reduce migration cost.

Seclob Rooms

Seclob Rooms ensures safe and secure stay of couples and families in prestigious hotels with affordable and attractive prices.Anyone can book cheap or luxury hotels and resort rooms at great prices through Seclob.Seclob has the facility to select the fastest access hotel of any quality at any time.our seclob family is heartly welcoming the hotel and resort owners to register your establishment in our application and spread the branches of your profit.

Seclob Pay

Seclob pay is our online payment application which enable all the users to transfer money instantly.Our money transaction process is the easiest and most reliable way in this online age.By using Seclob Pay you can conveniently send money anywhere in the world through your bank account or UPI.whenever you make transactions,amazing offers and cashbacks will be waiting for you.The cashback will be credited to your wallet,you can use it by paying the recharge/bill at any time you want.

Cab Booking

Seclob cab booking provides its clients with safe,reliable and comfortable,private hire/cab,offering great value for money.Our 24/7 car service is dedicated to collect travelers and transporting them to wherever their destination is.Through this seclob is providing the best cab operators and drivers for every prime location of india to make your journey comfortable and hassle free.

Events Booking

Through this Event booking option we are providing the customers an online booking portal with the wide range of venues available in kerala and other states.In India,we connect our customers with the best venues in their city based on their unique requirements so they can get the ideal deal for their event.we believe that online venue booking is just personal as offline venue booking experience,except much simpler and our goal is to provide comfortable and convenient online venue booking experience to our customers,all the way from browsing and shortlisting venues to booking the final one.

Movie Booking

Seclob Movie Booking is one of the India’s largest entertainment ticketing portal today.From movies to events,plays and concerts to sports,Seclob is here to bring all these screens to you .Our primary focus has always been delivering the very best entertainment experience to our dedicated customers.

Buying and Selling

Seclob buying and selling is a platform for buying and selling services and goods for those who are in need.For instance electronic items,fashion items,furniture,household goods,and others.You can register your calling item here.its uniqueness lies in the fact tha people can buy and sell goods at the same time

Seclob Ads

If you want to post an advertisement of your company or any of your product,Seclob is here to help you.we are working with a simple procedure.This simple procedure can help you to publish your ads in our website.This way all our visitors can see the companies ads and it will reach to them too.

Man Power

Seclob man power is ready to solve all your requirements from home,office,that is;in case of any damage to your home or office or you had trouble with your mobile,laptop or any home appliances anything.We are providing this through our willful and skillful delivery boys

Seclob Chat Support

If you have any complaints or need assistance regarding our services or any errors while using the application;our help desk is open 24/7.Seclob provides you with verified and experienced professionals,service warranty.our support group is here to solve all your issues.
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